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Thanks to HR MONK we are able to generate hundreds of new leads with just one email marketing campaign. We are extremely satisfied with the ROI. We have been clients for over 7 years now


Communicating with the HR MONK team was a great experience. They were always there to answer questions, give advice and share good practices. HM was not just a provider but a real Partner. The return on the investment was also very good and we definitely got what we have paid for. I would definitely work with HM Digital Marketing.”

Advent Group

”Using HM Digital vast, yet highly targeted database for a recent white paper campaign generated many interesting leads for our business. We were satisfied to see that we generated over 303 new downloads of our white paper.  I would recommend collaborating with them if you are looking to reach professionals from the Fortune 1000”



email marketing & lead geneation to HR Executives

Our company specializes in crafting highly effective email marketing campaigns that resonate with HR Executives, leveraging engaging content and strategic targeting to ensure maximum impact. Whether you're promoting innovative solutions, services, or event offerings, our email marketing expertise will help you capture the attention of key decision-makers within the Fortune 1000 companies.