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We decided to start HR MONK in 2014 to assist event professionals with sales and marketing. As former event organizers, we realize how much effort it takes to put on a great event.

Our aim is to bring  your events the extra attendees or sponsors needed to reach your sales target

We understand the mechanism and the chemistry needed to conduct  successful events, you can trust our years of past experiences

We know the benefits of why to outsource or to work with a partner – but that would not make us different from someone else if we just listed them for you. We know about sales, content marketing, understand businesses, and the different personas involved in the buying process – how?

We learned this through our community, a network of over 80,000 senior executives (CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, HRDs and other company Executives) that has been providing peer networking, insights, and events that inspire business and leadership. 

Our offering has been developed to support business services company’s engage with executives based on content. We focus on the substance of the materials first and then build the creativity and ideas around it. There is no point in having a campaign that looks good with content that is light on ideas as you will not engage and build trust with the decision-makers or buyers.

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