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. Please keep the maximum of external links to your campaign to a maximum of 3 including email addresses and websites.


. One only promotional content per email. unless previously agreed with your account manager.


. All content must be sent to us at least 72 hours before your mailing date, we reserve the right to postpone your campaign if not received on time, a 150€ penalty will be applied in case of last minute cancellation


. Once you have approved the test copy of your campaign we will not amend your campaign 24 hours before mailing date. If you decide to cancel a 150€ penalty will be applied


. All the files send to us must be coded correctly if HTML. we will not change or recode your documents, pictures must be coded in the document and not attached in another document, 


. Do send us the code directly on a word document if possible


. Do not add your own unsubscribe links 

. Do not add your own social share buttons, like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin page


. If you are using a word document make sure to link the title with the correct link in the document before sending it to us


. Font must be Arial 12. lower than 12 is not readable for mobile devices, note that more than 60% of readers use mobile devices

Use a maximum width of 600-800 pixels. This will make them look good in most email clients.

  • Keep your HTML code as simple and clean as possible. 

  • Keep your image-to-text ratio low. Images are OK to include in your email marketing campaigns, but never send image-only emails with no text.

  • Optimize your images for email by compressing them first. Don’t use super high resolution images or other media with a large file size.

  • Don’t use obscure fonts. Stick with fonts that work across platforms, like Arial, Verdana, Georgia and Times New Roman.

  • Optimize for mobile. Make sure your emails are readable and load quickly on mobile devices, and that your links can be pressed easily with a thumb.


Some spam filters are triggered by certain words in the subject line or the body of the email. Some spam trigger words include:

  • amazing

  • cancel at any time

  • check or money order

  • click here

  • congratulations

  • dear friend

  • for only ($)

  • free or toll-free

  • great offer

  • guarantee

  • increase sales

  • order now

  • promise you

  • risk free

  • special promotion

  • this is not spam

  • winner

Your email provider may have a built-in tool that checks your emails for spam trigger words before sending it. Alternatively, you can also use ISnotSPAM, a free tool which scores your emails for deliverability and see if they are likely to trigger spam filters.

Simply send your email to the email address displayed on their website, and then click on the View Your Report button.


. You will receive a marketing report 7 days after the campaign date including numbers of clickers, opens, non opens, last opened, forwarded, successful deliveries



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