White Paper: The New Blue Ocean Strategy Casebook

What do Netflix, the city of Medellin in Columbia and Emmanuel Macron have in common? You may be surprised by the answer: each is an example of a game-changing Blue Ocean Strategy move. 

Download your free copy of The New Blue Ocean Strategy Casebookfeaturing 8 success stories to discover more. 

There’s no doubt that leaders must rethink their business models to bring better value to their customers because what may have been successful in yesterday’s market may no longer work tomorrow. While it’s no easy task, Blue Ocean Strategy is a proven methodology that enables organizations to create new market spaces, unconstrained by industry conventions and provides superior value to customers.

This white paper will help your organization create its next Blue Ocean by following these three steps: 

  1. The major concepts and tools behind Blue Ocean Strategy

  2. The strategic secrets behind successful Blue Oceans across 8 industries 

  3. Applying Blue Ocean Strategy with experiential learning programs 

Download the white paper to begin your Blue Ocean Strategy learning journey today.  

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