24th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week

Access HR Tech Global Report

Looking for more information on the latest in human resources technology and the direction the function is headed? Check out the program for the 24th Shared Services & Outsourcing Week that features full days of content on the HR Vision and where it is heading.


Check out the program.

The global market for HR Technology is continually growing. Being valued at $400 billion, it is no surprise that more organization's than ever before are dedicating time and resources into building out their HR department and insuring that they invest in the latest technology.


The 14-page HR Technology Global Report outlines the evolution of HR technology and today's workforce. The report includes:

  • Insights from CHROs, CFOs, CTOs, and CLOs that provide different perspectives on human resource initiatives

  • What technologies and strategies human resource budgets are being dedicated to

  • Top five criteria for sorting through endless HR technologies

  • And more..

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