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HR MONK is also a service event company offering high-end design, sales support, back office and quality customer service.

We are dedicated to deliver high-quality, informative and value added strategic business conferences where audience members, speakers, and sponsors can transform their business, develop key industry contacts and walk away with new resources. 


Do you have content for an HR or Finance event?


Meet potential new clients 


Invite your clients and prospects


You just don't have time to organise an event? well we are here for you


We will support your event from definition to concept, from back office to sales and marketing


We will take care of your event page design, hosting and maintenance,


Free newsletters marketing campaign to our 60k HR emails database, 10k Finance emails


















Based upon the initial briefing of the client we define the step by step process needed to establish, build and deliver the expectation(s) and imagination(s) of our clients into a “what you see is what you get” format.


Deliver the pre-production for all disciplines involved; planning & communication, back office, budget allocation & control, update all drawings, delivery of the production book, risk assessment


In the concept outline all components will be merged into a master technical drawing format which provides all necessary data for pre-production and budget allocation.



This is your event so you decide on the format, the speaking guests, title of the seminar, country and venue,


The type of event you would like to organise: workshops, case studies, interactive sessions, Q/A. We can assist you if needed,


We will ask for a detailed agenda




8.am Registration & Coffee


8.30 Opening of the seminar


8.45  Presentation


9h30 Presentation




Dates of your event are to be confirmed and agreed by both parts,


Once we have your agenda, we will take care of all the design,

we will create a special web page for your event.


We will cover the hosting and maintenance costs,


Your feedbacks and inputs are welcome


We will run your event for a safe period of approximately 3 months before confirming the full go ahead of the event, making sure that the operational costs are secured,


Event and conference marketing support :


We will have a team of sales working on your event on a daily basis, and managing all the social media feeds,


Included FOC the full participant's list with emails, contact details, telephone numbers will make it easy to follow up with an email or a call


Back office: 


We will take care of registrations, invoicing and delegates relations, questions or queries about the event. there is no charge for our bookings, there will be a 50euros charge from your network registrations.





There is no fixed cost to organise your event, we will proceed to a defined percentage from our bookings, minus the venue cost per delegates. 


For e.g based on a 500euros registration fees  

Venue cost per delegates: 80euros

We will charge you 420euros per booking and transfer you 80euros to cover cost per delegates


When one of your contact registers we will charge you 50euros service charge and transfer you 450euros


The event web page, design, sales and marketing, production support & delegates relations are all included in the client's registration fees


The venue for your event is your responsibility, we take the right to know about the cost per day per delegates and to contest if too high, the final booking of any venue for your event is your sole responsibility, event contracts will be made through your company directly with the venue of your choice.


The delegates cost for registrations is to be decided by HR MONK. we will base our pricing depending on the finished agenda, difficulties, topics, targets, timing, location.


Event support: No HR Monk representative will be physically attending your event, extra staff and hostess support will be at your charge for the day.

AV & technical support must be provided by your event venue. Food and Beverages should also be included in your daily delegates rates, HR MONK will not be involved in those decisions either.


Would like to tell us more about your project?


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 1 2 1 Private meetings

Would like 15mn to showcase your solutions or products to prospects?

We can organise it for you,

ask us for details 




Automatic creation of conference website that saves time and effort.


Comprehensive online promotion of the conference.

Registration and Financial Processing

Bundled registration and Merchant Service Support.

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