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A MSC qualified HR professional, with extensive operational and sales experience who optimises performance through the development of others.

Specialties: Performance Management processes and implementation.


Founder TFormation


- 9 years International Learning & Development Director FACEBOOK


- 5 years Head of Talent Management O2


Former International L&D Director for Facebook 


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Business leaders from organizations such as Linkedin, Stripe, Intercom, HSE, Facebook, GOOGLE, ISE, Zurich Insurance, Zynga Games, PayPal, Central Bank of Ireland, 3, Dell, Eircom, hire Maureen to increase their leadership capacity and develop their teams for higher impact

CEO, High-Impact Coach/Mentor, Academic Director, Neuroscience WIN Master

Maureen Hewitt

This course is aimed at experienced L&D and HR Professionals.

It is no secret that both the L&D and HR function can really influence business results but on so many occasions they are not invited to the most senior business tables.

We believe it’s time for that to change.

That means it’s time to change up the skills and impact that both these functions have to offer.  Moving away from the road-blocks and constant workshops that are good, but not really great, for business results, this programme opens the door to a whole new area of ‘deep team development’

Partnering to bring you this deep dive experience is Jeff Turner, International L&D Director for Facebook and Maureen Hewitt, CEO and Leadership Team Coach for Positive Success Group.

Together they bring alive the learning necessary to drive lasting impact by giving participants the knowledge, skills and more importantly a process to start this work within their own business. 

This ground-breaking 2 Day experiential programme is freshly designed to bring you the best of professional development, team dynamics and a new level of understanding human interactions. Supported with case-studies, models and neuroscience, both days bring into action the latest thought leadership, research and real world facts.

Led by Master Facilitators with decades of experience, this is the most real and relevant way for new skills and behaviours in handling challenging team dynamics to be developed.

Jeff and Maureen want to give you the best opportunity for success on this course and so have designed  a small amount of pre-course preparation to really set you up for success.

This workshop also comes with 2 FREE group coaching sessions with both Jeff and Maureen to ensure the new learning sticks.

Individual coaching sessions will be available to participants at a reduced chargeable rate if required.

Due to the high-level of engagement required, you can expect a short discussion with one of the facilitators to assess suitability ahead of final registration.

Overview of the 2 day workshop

DAY 1 - 27 NOVEMBER 2019


9am Coffee and Registration

9.30 Discovery

  • Preparation for intake interviews

  • Conducting the interviews

  • Synthesising the information

  • Playing back the results

13.00 Lunch

14.00  Design

  • Design principles and options

  • Making your recommendation

  • Dealing with concerns

16.30 END OF DAY 1



9am Coffee 


  • Delivery

  • Into the caldron

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Exercises

Exercises that can assist

Practice, practice practice

16.30 END OF DAY 2

Registration Fees: 2000€ NET/person

Includes access to all sessions, teas and coffees, workshop materials
In the event of your cancellation after registration, you will be given a credit note available for a future event held within 6 month of your confirmation date


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"Challenging Team Dynamics stands out as being the most enlightening and meaningful learning experience I have had in 20+ years of being in L & D. Modern organisational life is replete with complexity, technology and jargon, but strip it all away and success or failure is still largely dependent on people knitting their unique set of talents together to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. When it works its dazzling, when it doesn’t it spells disaster. Jeff has put together a programme that strips away façade and smoke and mirrors in service of getting to the truth of what’s really going on in teams. Only when the ‘elephants’ are outed can the real work begin. Trust me you will never organise another team offsite or development day in the same way again!I've requested from the others today." Tim Head of People Management Capability UK


The Challenging Team Dynamics Program is unique in this country for this several reasons. Firstly, it gives you access to Jeff Turner, who is a much sought leader in L&D and has years of experience at Facebook during their rapid expansion to back that up. The program is intentionally a small group of participants and creates a positively intense and supportive way to learn. Jeff created a level of openness, honesty and vulnerability that really helps to challenge your assumptions about team work and become far braver to tackle the issues most teams would rather forget, yet hinders their performance. The framework and skills I learned at the program have been put to great use and led to significant changes for the teams who engage with the process. I would highly recommend this program to L&D and/or HR professionals who want to increase their confidence with facilitating teams and drive real change.  Kevin L&D Director


"We found the 2 days very practical, enjoyable and more importantly applicable for the work we do with teams. We have used the techniques and have found these easy to use and valuable. Jeff’s style is engaging, very real and insightful in the way that he tells stories while sharing his knowledge and vast experience. We would have no hesitation in recommending this programme!" Paula - Self-employed Consultant


“If you are looking for an innovative way to work with teams and not shy away from tension but rather surface it in a productive way. Well then you have come to the right place!” Alan Self-employed Consultant